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Transforming Body into Dance


"Transforming body into dance" is for recreating everyday life.


The first subject was “home”. In December 2018, I left my house in São Paulo (BRA) and moved to Espaço Transformando in the island of Florianópolis, Brazil. What started as an in-situ research later revealed itself as an arts-based and community-engaged research. Home was not the house, but not the body alone as well.


So I started to explore artistic dwelling environments as a creative collective experience. In an ongoing itinerant artistic residence, I have been in artistic residencies, communities and artists' homes and ateliers between South America and Europe. Experiments of expanded attention and movement practices were part of my personal repertoire, exploring principles from the Somatics, Contact Improvisation, improvisation techniques by Klauss Vianna, Psychophysical trainings and Eutony. At each experience, I explored my own body in relation with the new “home” in terms of self-reconfiguration and communication. Dwelling, and its intrinsic social implications, brought topics such as difference, (im)permanence, immigration, domestic violence, house work and private property. Dance performances, installations, workshops, interviews and chat circles were part of the project.

The first season ended with an online jam on August 2020 after 600 days. In the midst of quarantine, the hashtag #stayathome closed my personal research. So it belonged to all of us. 

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NossaJam # 23

Online jam facilitation

Project led by Pao Francez

August 2020


"here", "now" and "eat"

Text trilogy

Ponderosa Movement & Discovery (GER)

August - December 2019

“When you call me by my name”

Live interactive performance

Glasgow Theatre Arts Collective, Glasgow (SCO)

September 2019

"For Mrs. Madalena, From a bridge in a foreign land"

Narrated letter

Frankfurt am Main (GER)

June 2020

My Katja's home

Thematic micro-residence at Katja Wiegand's house (RUS / ALE) with creation of photography and text

Berlin (GER)

October 2019

“Between comfort and courage” 

Workshop and collective urban intervention 

Glasgow Theater Arts Collective and The Aitken Memorial Fountain, Glasgow (SCO)

September 2019

"A bodyhousework"

Microinstallation for clothesline

Ponderosa Movement & Discovery (GER)

March 2020