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...and now I'm wondering how we can dance with each other...

Débora Oliveira

current project

body into dance

Since December 2018 I have been recreating aspects of daily life as artistic experiences with the project "Transforming Body Into Dance". For researching the sense of "home", I lived in artist residencies, communities and artists' homes and ateliers between South America and Europe as a community-oriented practice. Dance sessions, installations, workshops and talk circles were part of the first season between 2018 and 2020.

The second season is about "work", and it has been addressed in two intertwined actions: one is researching relations between Gerda Alexander's formation and the transdisciplinarity of Eutony (currently pursuing a Master's degree by Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro); and the other one is exploring interspecies movement as dancer as well as Eutonist.

about me

Débora Oliveira

I am interested in dance as a collective experience. I have been engaged with forms of participatory arts and I have Contact Improvisation as my dance practice. 

When I started to create dance pieces, I worked with Coletivo TraçaUrbana, with whom I got in touch with practices like urban derivés and audience participation between 2012 and 2014. From 2015 until 2018, I created “SP Brustalista”, a series of 7 performative actions developed as an ongoing creative practice. My works were presented at Perfor6 - Forum of Associação Brasil Performance, IV CALLE – Bienal De Performance, Semana das Artes do Corpo, Volusiano na Praça, Corpobra-Transformação, Postais - Mostra de Videoarte e Performances, SESC Santana, Museu da Cultura, Atelier Dudude, among others.

I appreciate different levels of creative partnerships and collaborations, and I've worked with artists as Aviv Sheyn (ISR), Liv Schulman (ARG), Marina Dubia (BRA), Compania Id’Artê (BRA), Mariana Viana (BRA/POR), Hugo Leonardo Silva (BRA), Grupo de Teatro Contadores de Mentira (BRA), Danielle Greco (BRA), Monika Smekot (SCO), among others. Through Contact Improvisation, I leaded weekly labs, arranged meetings and facilitated jams as "pausing breathing moving" and the "Walking Jams".


My studies include holding a Master's degree in Dance by the Post-Graduate Program in Dance at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, a BA degree in Communication in Performing Arts by Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo and professional training in Eutony by Brazilian Institute of Eutony. I studied dance improvisation for five years with Zélia Monteiro, took regular Eutony classes with Luciana Gandolfo and Patrícia Pernambuco, and attended significant workshops and courses with teachers such as Jörg Hassman (GER), Katja Mustonen (FIN) Monika Gallardo (ESP), Javi Sanhueza (CHI), Katie Duck (USA/HOL), Isabel Tica Lemos (BRA), Sofia Neuparth (POR), Rubiane Maia (BRA), Samira Br (BRA), São Yantó (BRA), Juliana Moraes (BRA), Scottish Dance Theatre (SCO), Maristela Estrela (BRA), Marcela Reichelt (BRA) e Amiris Marcon (BRA). 

Since 2018, I have been recreating aspects of daily life as artistic experiences with the project Transforming Body into Dance. I am currently developing and offering workshops, sessions, lectures, interviews and audiovisual artworks.

Life, practice and research in Dance

selected previous projects


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