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SP Brutalista

SP Brutalista is a series of 7 multimedia performative actions as a manifest against the gentrification of São Paulo. It was developed as an ongoing creative practice from 2015 to 2018, in which I explored strategies such as “self-demarcation”, use of body-extension, blogging and regular urban interventions in my hometown. Embodied-urban conflicts as abandonment, exhaustion and exile were reported by the audience or bystanders. The name “SP Brutalista” is a tribute to the work “Manhattan Brutalista” of the Brazilian visual artist Hélio Oiticica.

Action #1 - Abandonment

Urban intervention

Weekly interventions at Largo da Batata, 2015

Semana das Artes do Corpo, 2015


Action #2 - Retiring

Urban intervention with traces of urban land art

"Mostra de Dança no Espaço Urbano", São Paulo, 2017

"Volusiano na Praça - 3rd edition ", São Paulo, 2015

Anhangabaú Valley, São Paulo, 2015

"Corpobra Transformação" exhibition, São Paulo , 2015

"Perfor6 [who?] - Brasil Performance Association Forum", São Paulo , 2015


Action #4 - Aurora (or Where do we go now?)




"Postais - Mostra de Videoarte e Performances", Galeria La Herida, Goiânia (BRA), 2017


Action #6 - There's a crow under this town

Performative installation with body extension


Atelier Dudude, Brumadinho (BRA), 2016

SESC Santana, São Paulo, 2015

Museu da Cultura, São Paulo, 2015