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I am a somatic dance artist. I create sensorial, visual and digital artworks, and I am interested in exploring creative and experimental ways of living. I am currently dedicated to the first subject of the project "Transforming body into dance", researching the dwelling and its social implications. I have been living in artistic residencies, ateliers and collective immersions since December 2018, and developed the performance "When you call me by my name" and the workshop "Between comfort and courage" (both Glasgow, 2019) and the chat circle "Bigger than myself" (Coventry, 2019).


I am graduated at Communication of Performing Arts - Dance by Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC/SP) and Eutony professional training by Instituto Brasileiro de Eutonia. I studied contemporary dance, improvisation techniques with Zélia Monteiro (BRA), performance studies and Contact Improvisation, and some of my artistic influences are Tehching Hsieh (TAI/USA), Sophie Calle (FRA) and Hélio Oiticica (BRA). With the learning practices that I have been developing, I collaborate with care and creative processes by individual and group classes wherever I am.


previous works

SP Brutalista - cross-media series 

My house isn't ready (Everyday I wake up to dance it) - virtual exhibition

Emergency - video

with partners

pausing breathing moving - dance

Coletivo TraçaUrbana - dance, theatre, performance and visual arts

. estadosDEpassagem

. corpocoletivo

. Occupy Ladeira da Memória

. (i)racionar o ambiente



Campo Gestuário - dance and visual arts/drawing

With Marina Dubia

Mo... Ver-Se - videoinstalation

With Cia. Id'Artê

El Método Covensky - performance

With Liv Schulman (ARG)

pequenos diálogos para lugar algum - dance

With Marina Mancini and Guto Nogueira

Atravessamentos - performance

With Dani Greco

sharing materials

O corpo na dança (The body in dance) - Workshop of Eutony for ballroom dancers at Mutama, Florianópolis (BRA), March 2019 

Enraizar & Conectar (Diggin roots and connecting) - Workshop of Eutony and Contact Improvisation, at  Diversão e Arte Espaço Cultural, Juiz de Fora (BRA), April 2018

Contact Improvisation Lab - Weekly labs at Lab-C, São Paulo (BRA), 2018

Experimentar o Essencial (Experiencing the essential) - A Contact Improvisation immersive workshop with Cléia Plácido, Luisa Coser, Arthur Pacheco and Rodrigo Cardoso, at Lab-C, São Paulo (BRA), December 2017

Walking Jams - Contact Improvisation jams in urban pathways, with Arthur Pacheco, São Paulo (BRA), 2017 

Programa Vocacional (Vocational Program) - Municipal program of artistic orientation and experimentation in public cultural spaces in São Paulo. Affonso Taunay library and Zanoni Ferrite theatre, 2017

Flying Low Meets Eutony Workshop of Eutony and Flying Low with Verena Kutschera, at Tanzbasis Berlin, Berlin (GER), July 2016

Individual classes/sessions of Eutony - since 2015

Weekly classes - for kids and teenagers in public and private schools, NGOs and culture centers in São Paulo (BRA), 2011-2018