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classes for kids

Classes for children follow the postural and tonic developmental patterns, from the part of the body closest to the ground to the farthest part, using the “From head to toe” principle. Each part of the body is presented in its uniqueness, encouraging children to experiment and discover their movement possibilities 

according to the age range and technical interests of each group. The recognition of diversity is built in the relationship with the teacher and also among the students, developing autonomy, respect and collectivity. The work concludes with the global coordinated movement assimilation, with the possibility of final presentation.

pedagogical references


Gerda Alexander (GER/DEN)

Rhythmic teacher who developed Eutony from her researches between musicality & movement, new pedagogies and neurosciences


Marie-Madeleine Béziers and Suzanne Piret  (FRA)

Physiotherapists who created the authorial method "Motor Coordination PIRET & BÉZIERS"

klauss e angel.jpg

Vianna Technique (BRA)

Body method of preparation for the scene and for improvisation in dance and theater created by Klauss and Angel Vianna, a couple of Brazilian dance researchers and choreographers pioneers in somatic thinking in the country.

P.s.: Principles related to partnering acrobatics, physical games and integrated arts (music, theater, photography, drawing, singing, circus, etc.) can also be explored according to interest of the group.

about the formats

Each project has their own format adapted to the realities of each school and educational institution. Examples of formats already implemented: after-school activities, bilingual classes, extracurricular classes in private education, workshops and weekly classes in social assistance spaces, activities for NGOs, etc. 

DRT nº 40999/SP - Dancer, teacher and eutonist

I am dedicated to dance and movement art forms through education and creative practice. I am pursuing a Master's degree in Dance from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), and I am graduated em Communication of Bodily Arts - Dance by the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC/SP). My complementary training includes professional training in Eutony by Brazilian Institute of Eutony and therapeutic horseback riding by National Riding Therapy Association (ANDE-Brasil). In this trajectory of continuous teaching-and-learning, some of my most remarkable experiences were the Scientific Initiation Scholarship  that I won with the project "Self-perception - A means of acquiring knowledge" about development of body perception in the work of Eutony from the perspective of  cognitive sciences theories (funded by PIBIC-CEPE from PUC/SP), the work of artistic mentorship  by the São Paulo City Hall Vocational Program, and the crowdfunding I received to research the historical context of Gerda Alexander in Germany and Denmark between 2019-2020. I have been teaching in different social realities and to people with diverse cognitive abilities since 2012, including bilingual teaching (ENG/ENG) e special education. I offer workshops and regular classes in schools, NGOs, government projects, studios, cultural centers, private classrooms, and also online.

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