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collective TraçaUrbana

Collective TraçaUrbana (BRA) investigates the interdisciplinarity of the languages ​​of dance, theater, performance and visual arts, and the relationship between body and city. The collective develops a research of theoretical and practical studies investigating the poetics of everyday urban life, changes in body states and dérives as an action of artistic creation process. With them, I have developed and presented artworks in public spaces, festivals, and cultural events.

2013 - 2016


Performances of derivés with urban interventions

Awarded with Edital n°2/2012 of Exchange and Cultural Diffusion of Brazilain Ministry of Culture, in partnership with Laurinda Lobo Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, 2012

Open research group, 2012 and 2015

Baixo Centro Festival, São Paulo (BRA), 2013

Rio de Janeiro (BRA), 2014

Agito Cultural Zona Norte, São Paulo (BRA), 2014



Durational performance with audience participation

Semana das Artes do Corpo, São Paulo (BRA), 2015

ETEC de Artes – Paula Souza Center, São Paulo (BRA), 2015

Exhibition Corpobra-Transformation, PUC Consolação, São Paulo (BRA), 2015


Occupation at Ladeira da Memória

Temporary occupation at Ladeira da Memória

São Paulo (BRA), 2014


(i) ration the environment

Photographic work of body occupation in empty spaces in urban architecture


With collaboration of Claudio Furton (BRA) at Praça Ramos, São Paulo (BRA), 2014

Ruins Park, Rio de Janeiro (BRA), 2014

Pivô Gallery, São Paulo (BRA), 2014


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